TRT Day 10

Miles: 121.1 - 139.6

Photo: Highest Point on the TRT

Today was the latest start I’ve ever had while backpacking. I didn’t leave camp until 9:30 AM. I knew I’d still be able to get to camp on time though since the entire day’s climbing was only in the first 4.5 miles. The rest of the day would all be downhill from there (in a good way)

The climb up to the summit of Relay Peak was brutal of course, but I was energized after eating breakfast and hyped because I knew it was the highest point on the TRT. I reached the summit at noon and caught up with a few day hikers that were trailing behind me. I asked if they wanted a group photo, and then they took this photo here. They were all having beers after eating their snacks to celebrate and I named their group “Summit Sippers”. 

We parted ways and I started my descent to the next stop, Galena Falls. A beautiful waterfall where I took a nice break, filled up some water, and talked to more hikers. Then it was more descending to Mt. Rose campground where they had pit toilets and potable water. I’ll always avoid digging a cat hole, and squeezing water through my filter when I can.

The remainder of the day was just kind of a blank to me. I mainly zoned out and just thought about what I was gonna do once I go back to town in two days. The thought of real food is getting to me. I did panic a little when I got to my intended stopping point and didn’t see campsites, but once I read the comments on FarOut all I had to do was go 0.3 miles further and voilà, flat sheltered ground! 




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