TRT Day 2

Miles: 13.4 - 26.1 + 4 “bonus” miles 


Photos: Mountain Viewing + Through the Fields + Camouflaged Ditty Bag

Today had its ups and downs. The views on the trail were so much different than yesterday. I was gazing upon large mountains leading up to Tahoe, big expansive meadows, and a nice view of Lake Tahoe itself! Surprisingly, the lake doesn’t come into view that much on trail. Only twice so far. Maybe that will change once I get further north.

I had a goal of doing at least 17 miles today to push myself, and I was on track to accomplish it until I got to mile 11.5. I was finishing up filtering water putting my filter back into my front mesh pocket, and after feeling around in there realized that I left my ditty bag containing my electronics, medical kit, and repair kit 2 miles behind where I was. This realization happened when I was in the middle of a large mountain, so it was absolutely demoralizing when I realized I had to go all the way back down and right back to where I was currently standing, which meant no “real” miles were gonna be made on the TRT. 

To make it easier on myself, I hid my bear canister containing my food to shed some weight. Luckily, my ditty bag was sitting exactly where I had left it so I was at least somewhat relieved. I eventually made it back to the bear can, relaxed a bit, then kept hiking on until the next set of campsites at Round Lake. The bugs were bad, I got at least 10 new mosquito bites. Despite the issues with today, I felt super happy once my tent was set up and I was finally eating dinner. All I can do is learn from my mistake today, in the hopes it doesn’t happen again in the future.



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