TRT Day 3

Miles: 26.1 - 41.2

Photos: PCT Junction + Phone Wallpaper Material

Woke up this morning feeling really nauseous and exhausted. I had to hold in my gut to prevent myself from vomiting out my breakfast. I packed up and right before I was about to pack my tent, I sat for 10 minutes and thought about what I was going to do. I could either go back 3 miles to the nearest road and head into town or go forward towards Echo Lake 15 miles away and decide what to do during the day. I thought I should just keep pushing and if I ended up regretting it, I would just use that as a lesson for the future to bail when needed. I took the riskier option and decided to head forward. 

The sick feeling went away after 20 minutes of hiking or so. Maybe I just needed fresh morning air pumped into my lungs? Not exactly sure. 

I eventually made it to the junction where the PCT and TRT meet. The landscapes were absolutely gorgeous. Large meadows, and tall cliffs nearby, with the trail right in the middle of the little valley. I had to pause several times just to look around and appreciate each moment. It reminded me of this wallpaper I used to have of the PCT when I was hyping myself up to go do the trail. 

Around midday was when I formulated my plan. I would go to the Echo Lake chalet before it closed to get a snack, hitchhike into town, and then do all the usual town stuff. While it was possible to do an okay resupply at the chalet store for my next 45-mile stretch, I felt like I needed to go into town to evaluate my minor ailment. I made it to Echo Lake 15 minutes before the shop closed and got a cup of matcha ice cream, a premade Italian sub, and a can of coke. Reminded me a lot of what I got at Montezuma market on the PCT.

After I was done eating, I ran into @roaming_raes and we both somehow knew we were hikers instantly. She was off trail for a few days and was now doing trail magic for her friends around the area. She asked if I needed a ride into town and I of course said yes!  After a bit of waiting, we were off to Lake Tahoe!

I got dropped off at the same hostel I stayed in on Day 0. Since it was a Saturday they didn’t have any beds available, but they allowed thru-hikers to camp out back and use all the facilities for a small fee. Seemed good to me. I got cleaned up, did laundry, ate a nice dinner, and just relaxed. Exactly what I needed.



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