TRT Day 5

Miles: 41.2 - 50.1 

Photos: Lake Aloha + Echo Lake

A month later and I arrived back where I left off on the Tahoe Rim Trail! It took several weeks for the Oak Fire to be put out, and the smoke to clear from Tahoe, but I feel like the wait will be worth it.

I once again took the morning train + bus ride from Central Valley up to Tahoe. This time I decided to skip the hostel stay and just sent it back to Echo Lake where I was before. I texted trail angel Leilani after I ate some lunch and she was happy to give me a ride. Very generous! Within the hour I was starting my trek into the famous Desolation Wilderness. 

The main site today was Lake Aloha. A huge lake full of little islands, and stunning mountains in the background. Saw lots of day hikers making their way back from there as I was going to it. Definitely a local favorite. I soaked my feet while taking in the views and then took a small nap on some rocks near the shore while my feet dried. It was heavenly. Getting up to leave was really difficult but there was still 2 hours worth of sunlight so I had to make the most of it.

I did feel a bit worried going from sea level to 7,500 ft of elevation and immediately started hiking, but I didn’t run into any major hiccups in regards to elevation. I was feeling extremely tired near the last 2 miles, but I think it was mainly due to the unstable terrain consisting of all granite rocks, and me being up since 3:30 AM so Dad and I could make it to the train on time. It didn’t help that I accidentally took the wrong turn at a junction and ended up having to hike an extra 0.5 miles. 

Got to my stop pretty late but I was able to camp next to a recently retired couple who were just out for the night. It was great to talk to them about backpacking and learn about their lives. I also felt a lot more relaxed knowing I was next to other people at night since Desolation has been having a lot of bear activity this season. Feels good to be back!




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